Flat wire to perfection

Studer-Biennaform AG is an experienced and innovative Swiss company specialising in the manufacture of flat spring wire. Our stainless/carbon steel or non-ferrous wire features extraordinary precision and the finest cross-sections.


What distinguishes Studer-Biennaform AG from the rest

Flat wire is often a cheaper alternative, for example, to cold-rolled stainless strip steel. The advantage of flat wire is the homogeneous distribution of its mechanical properties and the optimum adjustment to its intended use. It is also far more flexible in terms of dimensions, cross-sections, manufacturing tolerances, strength, available lengths and forms supplied.

Thanks to our know-how and materials laboratory, we are in a position to offer a wide range of high-precision products and support our customers as the best-possible partner. You will get exactly the flat wires you need from us: manufactured to your specifications with absolute precision, in almost any quantity or dimension and always with our guarantee of speedy delivery.