State-of the-art Materials Laboratory

Questions about metal? Then you’re in good hands at Studer-Biennaform. We can doubtless answer your questions and solve your problem with the help of our superbly equipped materials laboratory. Our solutions are fast, uncomplicated and cost-effective.

In addition, we incorporate the expertise of our partners and work in close cooperation with research centres, universities and manufacturers throughout the world.

Laboratory Price List (3.71 MB)


Neutral expert reports

  • Corrosion damage
  • Causes of fractures
  • Processing problems
  • Tensile tests according to DIN EN 10002-1
    • Rp0.2 - Rp1.0 - Rm – A, further results available on request
    • The following load cells are available: 200 N, 1000 N, 2500 N, 5000 N, 50 kN und 100 kN
    • Component tests (tension, pressure and bending)
  • Hardness testing
    • Brinell test HB (EN ISO 6506-1)
    • Vickers test HV (EN ISO 6507-1)
    • Rockwell test HRC (EN ISO 6508-1)
    • Micro hardness and hardness curves, EHT
  • Roughness measurements on flat and rounded materials
    • Ra, Rz, R-max. measurements

Metallographic analyses

  • Qualitative assessment of structures
  • Particle size determination
  • Determination of non-metallic inclusions
  • Inspections of welding seams
  • Quantitative metallography


Chemical analyses

  • Testing for intercrystalline corrosion according to EN ISO 3651-2
    • Copper sulphate-sulphuric acid process (Strauss test
    • With sample processing and various forms of heat treatment
    • Further standardised corrosion tests on request
    • Complete spectrometric analyses of materials
    • C+S determination (carbon + sulphur)
  • Combustion analysis
    • Exposure trials, corrosion tests to customers’ specification (e.g. salt spray corrosion testing)


Additional services

  • Ferrite content determination using a ferritoscope, for austenitic steels by magnetic induction
  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Materials technology clarifications, consultancy, literature research, appraisals, claim investigations, reports
  • Investigation reports (consisting of several pages, including the relevant documentation)